Angel of Europa (Near-Space)

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Tonight's Sky — Select location. Tonight's Sky — Enter coordinates. UTC Offset:.

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What it takes to be a space pilot. The Sky This Week from November 8 to Picture of the Day Image Galleries. Learn about the Moon in a great new book.

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Jupiter reaches opposition and peak visibility this week. The giant planet shines brightest, looms largest, and remains visible throughout these short nights.

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In this Hubble Space Telescope image, the Great Red Spot looks like a bloodshot eye with the shadow of Ganymede representing its pupil. Friday, June 7 Mars continues its eastward trek against the backdrop of Gemini the Twins this week. Shining at magnitude 1. You can use Mars as a guide to finding Mercury tonight.

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The inner planet shines at magnitude —0. The two planets approach each other as the week progresses, and Mercury will become an easier target than Mars. A week from tonight, magnitude —0. The Moon reaches perigee, the closest point in its orbit around Earth, at p.

It then lies , miles , kilometers away from us. Saturday, June 8 Venus pokes above the horizon in the east-northeast an hour before sunrise.

The brilliant planet shines at magnitude —3. Sunday, June 9 The First Quarter Moon hangs high in the southwest as darkness falls, then sinks steadily toward the western horizon throughout the evening hours. Our satellite officially reaches First Quarter phase at a. EDT tomorrow morning p.

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PDT tonight. The king of the planets peaks at opposition June 10, but it reigns supreme against the backdrop of Ophiuchus all week. Monday, June 10 Brilliant Jupiter reaches opposition and peak visibility tonight. Within these subsegments, there are many opportunities for companies, from small startups to established players, to demonstrate their value to both industry partners and commercial consumers.

Relaying data from the space-based transponder from where it sends the signal to the ground segment where it receives the signal necessitates massive antennas and powerful processors.

The satellites must also be equipped with propulsion, telemetry, and control subsystems. Kepler is proposing a global constellation of cubesats that will enable the constant monitoring and tracking of devices anywhere on Earth. EO satellites are distinct from telecom technologies in a few key ways. PNT satellites are a specialized subset of the industry, and provide ground segments with up-to-the-minute positioning and telemetry data in exacting detail. PNT satellites have historically been owned and operated by government agencies.

In recent years, other countries have been developing their own GNSS capabilities.

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