Beekeeping For Beginners: Apiculture Basics

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Transport of European bees to the Americas, Australia and New Zealand has resulted in highly successful beekeeping in those areas.

The ultimate guide to beekeeping for beginners

Some bee races of the Mediterranean and Middle East are less productive but are managed in their native lands by beekeepers with great skill. The bee races below the Sahara Desert of Africa are even more difficult to manage by European beekeeping standards and less profitable. Introductions of European Apis mellifera to South Africa and Asia where there are other species of honey bees have not been successful. Introduction of the major African bee race scutellata to South America resulted in the Africanized or.

The basic equipment is a hive she recommends a national hive, which has an open mesh floor and slide out tray , protective clothing, hive-related tools and a source of bees. Beekeeping is a seasonal hobby so the time spent on it varies with the seasons. The busiest time is early summer when each hive should be checked weekly to stop swarming and add supers. These groups will often run training programmes, regular meetings and send out regular newsletters. There are a number of sources where you can get your bees from.

You can get them from a beekeeper; from a swarm; from your local association and by post. Yes, by post!

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She said that you should only move the hive three feet every few days from one place to another because bees orientate. This bee hotel provides a welcome home for a wide variety of visiting bee species and produces around 25 lbs of honey each year. Participants also have the chance to visit the Bee and bee hotel to get real hands on experience handling bees, managing their hives and collecting raw honey in full on beekeeping suits and gloves.

Beginner Beekeeping Basics Course – Franklin County Beekeepers Association

And there are taster sessions too for budding beekeepers this August. They can enjoy a delicious afternoon tea after working up an appetite learning and having fun.

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