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Last seven furlongs of the. F Hartigan a 3 7 Mr j Byrne"? RoMnev H Cl? Davies 4 6 '6 Mr B Ella. Two miles and a half. Tavior 9 7 Mr S Jo? Ryan 8 2 His Majesty's Marie Legraye. Taylor 3 2 Lady de Bathe's Hydra. P Peck 8 5 The above have arrived. Afternoon— To China and Japan, via Siberia. To Canada and Newfoundland, paroel mails, tla Liverpool, per e. To West Coast of Africa, parcel mails, via Lrtrerpool, per a. Sock 8m. Alexandja Dock. Great disappointment was felt at the absence of the hoIOer, Z.

Hal may.

Darnells, the yards world's c wn. Bea-urepaire, Mel- bouTjN- won by five seconds from p. Rad- milovic, Wales. Dookrell, of Dublin University, was third. Williams, CHetx? Wesley Williams, R-ridgend-. Parker, 22, High- Etreet. Monmouth—both in the Oocnty of Monmouth' at the shop of Mr. David John, Llaneay, tn the County of Carmarthen; and? I Ba-rly thie morning: a coal tipper in the employ of the Barry Railway Chmpany. He was at work on No. A signal was given to the deceased and others, and two of the men got out of the way. He was found under the cradle, and was taken to Dr. Bray's surgery, but died on the way, having sus- tained a broken neck.

The body was after- wards conveyed home. Walford, medical officer of health for the city, with reference to the application of the city school management committee for the use of certain rooms in the branch free libraries for the purposes of the medical inspection of school children. Walford stated that he had conferred with Mr. Ballinger librarian upon the matter, an-d he was of opinion that the chil- dren's rooms in the Roath, Canton, and Catbays libraries might be used for the purpose without a.

It was decided to grant the request for one year. Thames steam boats to a Curdin firm has been deferred until after the summer l'eeess. The committee stated: We think that in making any arrangement for the sale of the steamboats, coupled with the running of a service on tho Thames, the council would prefer to deal with a company established for the purpose] a,nd of the requisite financial standing. In the case of the offer in question, time has; not yet permitted of the formation of the j proposed company, and we have, therefore, postpomed further consideration of the 1 matter for the present.

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Professor Simeon Sn? Royal InHTimttTy. This caused them to be unable to see the blue flame produced by the presence of coal gas. He suggested the necfl for periodical examination of I officials, and an inquiry, in the case of explo- sion, into the visual condition of those responsible for ascertaining the presence of gas. Weak kidneys are to blame. The kidneys are not filtering all the uric acid and other poisons out of the blood, and you cannot be well until they do. Doan's Backache Kidney Pills tone up the kidneys, drive out the uric acid poisons, cleanse the kidneys and bladder, stop inflammation, and purify the blood.

They are safe for old and young, and their merits are proven by a neighbour's statement given here. I used to get severe pains in the small of my back—they were sharp, catting pa-ins, and seemed to take a may all my energy, for the least exertion made me come over quite faint. My limbs swelled a great deal, and my appetite was net at all as it should be. Now my back is quite well again, and I do not get that, tired and languid feeling that used to trouble me before my cure. The swellings, too, have gone, and ;nv health generally le l-righter. I shiM always take pleasure in lecommeading Doan's Ptils to all who axe in need of a reliable kidney medicine.

Signed Mrs. Nh nBBM??

It makes H the most fastidious persons enthusiastic in their praise of the joint. Yes, In Each.

By Returning them 2d. Packet sold; Id. Packet sold; id. Packet sold; Thus making net cost PR! No Coupons! Money Down! No Blanks! To-Day's Short Story. The general opinion in Fallowlay village was that Mr.

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Fitfield had made a small for- totie in business and retired. He had the sober, respectable appearance ot a trades- man who had done sufficiently well in nis "line" to retire at the age of forty-five. Of coarse, Fallowlay, like almost every other village, iiad its scandalmonger:, and the Fallowlay branch, of this huge corporation were wont to say that Mr. All that was known of him was that he lived in the creeper-clad cottage next the serton's for three years; that he arrived there from some unknown place; that he was a widower, with an unusually pretty daughter of eighteen, named Jinny, who was the apple of his eye; that he was a liighly- reepectable-looking and civil, well-spoken man: that his credit was good at the Fallow- lay General Stores, and tha.

Though far from being unneighbourly or taciturn, no one m Fallowlay was ever able to extract from hun. Moreover, Jinny knew her father did not wish her to be acquainted with the facts, whatever they were; and, being a. Clem, as he was known Ioca'ly. After that Sunday, whatever point of the compass happened to be his destination, somehow it always seemed that the shortest way lay along the broad, white, dusty road pa?

A thousand surveyors could not have convinced him that there was not a two-strides difference between the two curves. And it is queer how circumstances sometimes adapt themselves to people Clem fell in witth Mr. Fitfield wllleh more fre- quently alter than before that memora,ble Sunday when he first set eyes on pretty Jinny. The two men w,et at all sorts of unlikely places, and Clem laid himself out to win golden, opinions. But, somehow. Fitfield j proved himself to be a difficult man to handle. He was pleasant, cheery, a.

Fitfield over to his farm, began to despair of ever getting an invitation to sit at the table with Jinny. Fitfield fancied" carnations. Until that moment he had not known the difference between a carnation and a pink; but in one wild swoon there passed over him a passionate icgard for carnations such as none but a grower could entertain. He i received an invitation to inspect Mr. Fitfield's carnations on the following day.

He parted from the strange man to go straight off to the neighbouring town. The pick of these found their way into Mr. Fitfield's garden a few days later, for the latter went over to the farm to inspect tho flowers, which Cliam artfully described to him whUe bend- ing over Mr. Fitueki's flowers and stealing looks at Jinny.