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Creating a basic budget 8. Getting on the same page Financially with your partner 9. How to Break Bad Spending Habits Budget Your Finances using Technology Save your Budget with a Spending Freeze Where to get extra money for date night Planning Can save Big Avoid Common Budgeting Mistakes Use this Personal Budget Checklist to double check your budget Wenn Sie eine digitale Signatur verwenden, muss Ihre Unterschrift genau dem in diesem Formular angegebenen Vor- und Nachnamen entsprechen.

Unsere Beauftragten untersuchen, ob die gemeldeten Inhalte mit den Richtlinien vereinbar sind und ergreifen ggf. Dieser Artikel wurde noch nicht bewertet. If you answered "no" to any of these questions, then you'll definitely want to read Coupon Mom: Couponing Beginners Bootcamp Hard economic times has had many people struggling to make ends meet.

Dining out, going on vacation or even going to the movies are out of the question. People have been duped into buying the lowest quality junk foods thinking that they are saving money simply because it's cheap. Coupon Mom is the wake up that you have needed to show you that you have been spending way too much money at the supermarket. Some I already do some I will try. I like to use the big carts, will adjust to my list from now on. I already keep a running total already when I shop.

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I usually have a certain amount to spend, sometimes with a little cushion. We have already cut out a lot of processed foods and sugar over the last several years.

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I wish I had known some of this years ago. Thanks for all the great information. Although, I feel better about spending this money and fostering the relationships I have with my farmers, I really need to curb that habit. Thanks, Tiffany! Hi Tiffany — Great series! There were two things that I think will be most helpful for me.

The first is using the butcher. I always thought the butcher was more expensive than the already cut meat, but noticed a few weeks ago that the prices were the same. I will definitely be using the butcher to cut my chickens, ribs and roasts.


I am excited to try starting on the left side of the store and see what that will do for me. I am loving the series. Some of the things I apply but definitely need to tighten up on. I do have a question though, do you include house hold items in your grocery budget or is that a separate category? You also commented earlier that the boot camp was pretty intensive.

I am definitely interested but the timing may not be the greatest for me right now. I am desperately needing to get a budget in place and I struggle with meal planning. These two are HIGH on my priority list. Thanks for all the great tips and hard work! Hi Penny! I used to keep household items with my grocery budget until I really buckled down to get my food spending under control. As for time involvement, it could be anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours each week.

It depends on the lesson and thinking of one week in particular, your kitchen. I have a question regarding your course. Do the videos add info to the 13 core lessons or is it verbal communication of the 13 core lessons? If the videos add content, how much more?

Hi Candace! Yes the videos add to the core lessons. I hope that helps! Totally agree on shopping the other way around! I actually do this already. When I realized that the non breakable items are in a different routing I decided to reroute my grocery shopping trips.

Can you really save money at BJs?

And put a big dent in the budget again! Hi Tiffany, thank you for the effort you have put in your these videos. I think one thing I will definitely try is the clockwise route around the store. We are creatures of habit and tend to do things always the same. That will be on my list to try next. I tend to use a list whenever I go to any store and am not one to dilly-dally around, so time is not usually an issue for me. But meal planning is something I really need to incorporate into my routine. Any help in that direction would be great!

Coupon Mom: Couponing Beginners Bootcamp

Thank you again Tiffany. All of it. I thought I was pretty well aware of my grocery store surroundings, but videos 2 and 3, especially 3 was greatly enlightening. The timer, fixed prices was a duh but never thought about it, listening to upbeat music. I loved it all! Hi Lael — just the store meats. You can definitely ask if they do brands, but my hunch would be no. Hi Kim! The 4th video was available for Jan I hope to open enrollment for GBB again in the Spring, so keep an eye on your email!! Thanks for the tip!

January Coupon BootCamp

Hi Tiffany. I love these tips and your blog. And, we are always trying new things to help cut the rising costs of buying real, fresh and good food. Thanks again!! My computer would not allow me to work through it. Thank you for your videos.

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Some of your recommended techniques I have already been using. For instance one should not shop when hungry, because you will buy something that is not on the list. Using a list is very helpful. The idea of using a timer is interesting. I am going to try that technique. How many times I meant to go in and buy certain few things, but end up buying more. For that reason I always took a cart, rather than a hand basket. Your videos made me more aware of my shopping techniques, what I can change to make my shopping more effective, and save more money.

I once got a bag of organic potatoes and asked the cashier to weigh it because it was small 3 lbs for 3. It was under weight by 3 0r 4 ounces. I comented that it was less than 3 lbs and i am getting short changed. She said they are all l7ke that abd its ok. I keep on grabbing the bags and not checking because I fear looking like I am cheating. Its absurd though sinse they are cheating. I get them real food as well and share my meat w them.

I am frugal as I know how so I asked Gid to help me improve. You are the first and only person I know who can help me. I see prices that are rediculous. I live in an apartment and am growing my own herbs. And learned to keep green onions in a glass of water and trim as needed. It always stays alive and keeps producing rapidly suppling my need. My dogs are cancer free and happy eating real dogfood and a serving each of my meat cookings.

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They love my beef veggie soup and chicken veggie soup Rice added is good to them too. I like how you capitalized on the delimma at the grocery store for city folk,and can help.

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A person dillagent in their work will stand before kings. I have watched all 3 of your videos and love them! I will be using the timer and calculator when I shop; and will be shopping the other way around. I will be focusing on the items I came in to the store for. Thank you, thank you, thank you for educating me on the strategies of a smart shopper! Is there a different way to access it? My husband and I are sitting down tonight to make the decision on ordering the whole bootcamp!

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