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You can note on the card if you would like more information or you can email our pastor , Patrick Bradshaw.

We also have a Facebook page. Groups for all ages meet each Sunday morning at AM to study the Bible and to fellowship. Currently, our groups consist of:. Middle and High School Our goal is to provide students in grades opportunities to grow as they connect with God, their peers, and the community. We offer many opportunities for worship and discipleship.

Our middle school and high school students have their own small group that meets at AM on Sunday mornings for a time of Bible study and discussion. Special events and outings are also enjoyed throughout the year. Some of these include: summer camp, retreats, concerts, fellowships, and mission activities. It is our goal to foster the growth of our children in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord so they may be able to apply biblical principles to their lives enabling them to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

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Click Here. Sundays Small groups are available for children of all ages each Sunday morning at AM. Small groups include:. Each summer, we enjoy offering VBS to children and youth in our community. Classes for preschoolers through high school are available, Dinner is served each night followed by music, games, crafts, and skits.

Visit our VBS page for more information and look for the Registration link to sign up. In , the congregation erected a new brick church at Lenoir Road to accommodate a marked growth in membership.

It serves as an extension to our Christian Education ministry as a new Fellowship Hall and as a gymnasium for our youth and for various community outreach events. A young father's conversation with his four-year-old daughter illustrates the point. Wallarab, The tragedy is that we are constantly bumping into God, but we don't realize it. In the neighbor in need, in the lost, in the lonely and broken, God reaches out to us, but in our self-concern we don't respond to God's touch. For many, that presence has become more visible in Jesus.

After a lifetime of struggle, controversies, and family problems, John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, lay on his deathbed, contemplating the continuing presence and love of God as he had experienced it in Christ.

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As he lay dying, he said: "The best of all is, God is with us" quoted in Jerry L. And it isn't just people of the past who have discovered that.

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In a book entitled Zapped by Jesus, Jeannette Struchen quotes a young person:. You're what's happening. For the first time in my life I'm ten feet tall, you know. I'm not a phony, Jesus, I'm alive and lusty because you're alive and lusty and expect me to be too You've given me guts to face myself and dared me to stop coppin' out and thinkin' I had answers.

Man, you're the answer. The only answer. Hallelujah, Jesus! What a surprise you turned out to be. To call Jesus Emmanuel is to say something not only about God and about Jesus, but about us, for it means that God is with us. The architect finds expression in granite; the artist finds expression in paint; the author seeks expression in print; but God chose to find expression in a human being. I do not know how God filled Jesus of Nazareth, but a colleague has given me a meaningful analogy.

He was sitting at his desk trying to come up with something that would help people to understand the incarnation.


His leather gloves, which he had thrown on his desk, caught his attention. They were limp and lifeless. He reached over, picked one up, and slipped his hand into it. The glove filled out. He flexed his hand and the glove moved. It was filled with life. His mind began to dance with the thought of God coming to earth to slip into the glove of a human life. God was at work in Jesus as a hand in a glove, so that by looking at the actions of Jesus, we may get an idea of the actions of God. But there is more to it.

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Gloves come in pairs. We are the other glove. God seeks to dwell in us also. If we wonder how God-filled people are supposed to act, we have been given Jesus as an example. When Mahatma Gandhi, who had once been turned away from a Christian church because of the color of his skin, was asked how Christians could best carry out their work in India, he suggested that Christians begin by living more like Christ. He urged Christians to put their emphasis on love, for love is the soul of Christianity. If Christians would do that, he said, they would succeed.

In order to make that love concrete, God came among us, filled the humanity of Jesus, and enlisted us in his cause. People in whom God dwells are to act like Jesus. I close with this. It was Christmas Eve. A man was sitting in his easy chair enjoying a warm fire.


His wife had asked him to go with her to the Christmas Eve service in the village church. As he sat reflecting, the wind began to pick up velocity and snow began to swirl. Suddenly, he was startled by several thumps against the living room window. He jumped up and looked out into the storm. On the ground in front of the window he saw three little birds, lying dazed. He then saw many birds perched on the bushes, shivering in the winter storm.

Thinking about their plight, he put on his coat and boots and went outside to see if he could help. He decided to open the barn door, so that the birds could roost in its shelter for the night.

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But the birds wouldn't trust him. When he went toward them, they hopped away. Again and again he tried to catch them, but they hopped out of reach. He dashed back into the house and got a few pieces of bread, hoping to make a path of crumbs, which might lead the birds to the barn. But the birds would have nothing to do with his effort to save them.

He felt helpless to convey his concern for them.