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This over-inflation reveals quite graphically the arrogance and the lust for power…. This dogged attachment to interpreting things causally has in fact restricted our whole view of the world and our capacity for understanding it to an extent that is truly staggering.

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It is given you may run into someone who has secondary gains from complaining of physical ailments as an attention getter, and also some of the illnesses may have to do with life style choices sometimes, but these are exceptions rather than the rule. Having said that, I want to add that I am grateful to the independent publishing companies like this one and I plan on reading some of the impressive books on their catalogs. Also my compliments to the translator who did an amazing job.


Jun 01, Julianna rated it it was amazing Shelves: everydayusebooks. That's a book I use almost every day. All around us every person has some health issues Illnesses are our true friends telling the truth about ourselves, about what we do wrong Help us understand about the force of our words and thoughts What are the reasons You That's a book I use almost every day. You can find out about this and many interesting theories reading this book. I first read this book about 20 years ago and not a day goes by that Dethlefsen's words come to mind. This is not a cheesy self-help book, instead it is a discourse and a pointer in the right direction which makes perfect sense well, to me ; it is not any sort of mystical new age 'have faith' road, it is a road that requires thought and purpose.

Apr 12, Julio Genao marked it as no. An authoritative, thought-provoking guide to reading the dashboard of our bodies. The authors' perspective on illness is an intriguing one: our symptoms are an inescapable part of life, and exist because of our mentally lopsided approach to it. According to the them, all symptoms are psychosomatic, although not in the sense in which we usually understand that term.

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It's not that our symptoms are trumped up by the mind or are in some way fictitious; rather, the issues in our life that we don't An authoritative, thought-provoking guide to reading the dashboard of our bodies. It's not that our symptoms are trumped up by the mind or are in some way fictitious; rather, the issues in our life that we don't want to face, having no other route to consciousness, become somatized as a way of being expressed. The nature, time, and place of each symptom reveals exactly what it means and why it's there. I found this idea very attractive and sensible, even as I had difficulty accepting some of their observations and conclusions.


They note that despite the great advances in medical science, the net quantity of illness in the world has not decreased; it may even have increased. Symptoms that are suppressed in one place pop up elsewhere. In many ways it's a tough-love approach, but this is a potentially very empowering book, and the more troubled you are with medical issues in your life, the important it is that you read it. Oct 02, Jette rated it it was amazing. Dauerbrenner seit Jahren Apr 19, Liliana rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle.

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View all 4 comments. Definitivamente es un 'must read' Es un libro que te abre la mente y te ofrece una perspectiva diferente de ver las enfermedades, como una oportunidad para crecer y comprender el verdadero sentido de la vida. Best book I read in ! I hope that everybody reads this book, it offers a lot of help for everyone as well as many insights and plenty of wisdom! Feb 19, Carson Patterson rated it really liked it. Very very interesting - I am sure that many will not agree with his thesis.

Oct 31, Sylvie rated it really liked it. Very interesting approach and I can see the connections between our emotional state the shadow and unconscious mind and the physical state. Zbog napretka! Koji je cilj napretka? Hazrat Inajat Kan Os autores querem justamente que aprendamos a ouvir no consciente os apelos que nosso corpo nos traz do nosso inconsciente. May 06, Lori Bosworth rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anyone. Recommended to Lori by: Found it in a health food store. This is the one book in my library that I would be devastated to lose so I don't lend it even to friends.

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I first read Dethlefsen's amazing book 20 years ago and was mindblown. Dethlefsen's insight into the mind-body connection is beyond intuitive; it's obvious he was years ahead of his time. You'll find out the subconscious reasons why, for instance, people have asthma, migraines, kidney disease, arthritis. And no, this is not a new-agey, self help book; it's far too intelligent for that. If This is the one book in my library that I would be devastated to lose so I don't lend it even to friends. If you can find a copy online, I recommend purchasing it although it won't be cheap because unfortunately, the publication history was limited.

De eso trata este libro.

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  • Mar 29, Melanie rated it it was amazing. Deeply uncomfortable in its truth: "Everything that we do not wish or approve of originates in our own shadow for it is the sum of everything we do not want.

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    However, our refusal to get to grips with this one part of reality and live it out for real is precisely what ensures that we never get what we hope for [because] the rejected aspects of reality force us to devote ourselves to them all the more intensely". Non tra i migliori libri letti riguardo l'argomento. La prima parte un p troppo ripetitiva e noiosa, pi piacevole la seconda in cui si parla dei vari apparati; per un p tutte le cause delle malattie vengono ricondotte a rabbia repressa.

    View 1 comment. Some very interesting thoughts about a different perception on illnesses. Even though I couldn't go through it all, I have a great deal of take away of it. Sve je antropologizirano i internalizirano pa tako i svi razlozi za apsolutno sva zbivanja. Ja mislim da je to pretjerano.

    Western Europe, 1970–2005

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    Claire L. Daniele Paserman, Daniele, Francine D. Blau, Francine D. Bryan, Mark L. Alex Bryson, Evidence from the U.