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The correct mistletoe etiquette is for the man to remove one berry when he kisses a woman. One legend states that a couple who kisses underneath mistletoe will have good luck, but a couple neglecting to perform the ritual will have bad luck. Specifically, it is believed that a couple kissing under the mistletoe ensure themselves of marriage and a long, happy life, while an unmarried woman not kissed under the mistletoe will remain single for another year.

How are people supposed to steal that kiss? Just walk up to them with a sprig of basil? How will affect the people in Oklahoma, whose state flower is mistletoe? There has to be heartache in the state where the winds comes sweeping down the plain. The United States Department of Agriculture does not gather data on mistletoe. And there are few details readily available about the overall business of harvesting mistletoe, which characteristically grows on trees and sometimes must be shot with a gun to be retrieved or pulled down with a long pole and hook.

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Apparently mistletoe is one of those quaint traditions that seems to be dying even without the drought. She had got a new phone, lap top, clothes, a fifty dollar gift-card to her favorite boutique and two pairs of shoes. Riley tore his gifts up. Grandad had given him a PlayStation three and a few games to go with it.

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In return Riley was going to hook up Grandad with one of his home girls momma. He had showed Grandad the picture of the lady and he was exited since he was going to get a big booty hoe. Huey sat on the couch and watched Riley as he tryed to hook up the PlayStation. Huey sighed but did not insist anymore.

He opened it and saw that Grandad had given him a photo album. But after their deaths I felt like there was not a perfect moment to give it to you. But now you have grown up and matured. Riley was now siting next to Huey.

Huey opened the album and the first picture He saw was a picture of His mother pregnant with him. Riley did not remember his parents like Huey did. Huey kept on flipping pages until there was a picture of all four of them sitting on a couch.

Riley was a new born and was being held by his mother while Huey was sitting on his father's lap smiling at the camera. After they got killed he stopped smiling, he wondered what was the point on smiling if they lived in a world like this. But then he met Jazmine and slowly he started to feel whole again. Huey closed the album, since they were done looking at it, and walked upstairs.

It was finally time to head over to the Freeman's and Jazmine was checking herself out in the mirror one last time.

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She wanted to make sure everything was perfect since today was a special day for her. Jazmine wore a burgundy red dress that reached to her knees, burgundy stockings, and her new burgundy boots with a little bit of heels. Her hair was curled, It had taken her more to curl it than it would if she flat ironed it. But she knew Huey hated her hair straight.

He liked it natural but did not mind it when she curled it. She had placed a little bit of white eye shadow and a bit of mascara on herself. To finish it off she had placed a nice soft pink gloss on her lips. Jazmine finally walked downstairs but not before grabbing Huey's gift.

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Sarah just waved a simple wave as she placed the gifts on the counter. Riley was playing a basketball game with Cindy on the PlayStation while thugnifecent watched. Jazmine headed straight to Huey's bedroom. She knocked and waited for him to answer. When he did she walked in with a bright smile plastered on her face. Huey nodded and kept reading. Jazmine watched him and she felt it again. It felt like if she opened her mouth all the butterflies in her stomach would fly out, so she kept quiet.

Huey closed his book since he could not concentrate, the music was too loud. Jazmine simply nodded and got up to put her white coat back on. Huey also grabbed a coat from his closet and they both walked downstairs and out the door, nobody noticed them leave. They walked for a while heading no where in particular. She explained to him what the African woman had told her. Huey placed it on his wrist. They had stopped walking.

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Jazmine stared at the neatly wrapped paper and she kinda felt bad unwrapping it, but she got over it quickly. When she opened it she noticed it was a wooden box with a dove engraved on it. Jazmine did as she was told and when she opened it the beat to Silent night began to play. She looked inside and saw a silver necklace with the initials "JD. Jazmine closed it and looked down at her new necklace. She loved her gift so much. She was not nervous anymore, not after these two beautiful gifts.

I never had friends and most of the kids at my school bullied me because of my hair. Not even my parents knew what to do with me. But then you moved here and you though me to be proud of my heritage. You showed me that my hair is beautiful in its natural state and you showed me what it's like to have a best friend.

Honestly if I would have never met you Id probably be dead by now. I have made a few friends since then but none are like you. If you asked me to jump off a bridge I would in a heartbeat, because I know there's a good reason for it. I feel like I would die if anything ever happened to you. I love you Huey Freeman. I love you so much.


Him not giving her an answer was killing her. Here she was pouring her heart out and all he could say was a simple ''Wow. Jazmine blushed. If you are going to reject me do it now, so I can mend my broken heart and then we can be friends again. Not only had I lost my parents I was also losing my home and friend. When I arrived here I hated it and when I met you I hated it even more.